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Welcome to Tablet Habit, the quintessential iPad newsletter.

Tablet Habit is the quintessential newsletter all about the iPad, iOS, iPadOS, Apple, Shortcuts, Drafts, apps, and products related to Apple.

About Tablet Habit

Tablet Habit was created by me, Jeff Perry, after returning to using an iPad as my main computer. I wanted to share my experience of being an iPad-only computer user and share tips, trick, hacks, and more with others interested in making their iPad work for them.

I also share thoughts on Apple news primarily revolving around the iPad. I also share thoughts and reviews of new products, apps, and more regularly.

My goal with Tablet Habit is to share just how easy it can be to turn the iPad into a full-fledged MacBook alternative.

What comes in Tablet Habit?

Here’s some of the main segments you will see in Tablet Habit:


Reviews covering the latest products and apps for iPads and iPad Pros.


Links and opinion on the latest news for the iPad and iPad related products/services.

Productivity Tips

Drafts Actions, Siri Shortcuts, and other ways to make your iPad work for you and do the things you want it to.


Quick tips and full-fledged step-by-step instructions on how to do the things you need and want to do on your iPad.


Interviews with app developers and others in the iPad space about their workflows, feelings on the iPad, and how they make it work for them.


Jeff Perry is the creator of Tablet Habit, podcaster, and blogger. Tablet Habit is the latest addition to the years of writing about Apple and technology.

Prior to Tablet Habit, Jeff was the co-host of A Slab of Glass, the podcast all about Apple with Christopher Lawley. After Christopher and I decided that it was time to put the podcast to rest, that was when I started making Tablet Habit.

Jeff resides in The Great Lake State of Michigan with his lovely wife Courtney and two cats, Dexter and Alfie.

My goal in my writing has always been to be true to myself and never let anyone compromise my views. That is why I decided to make this newsletter that is directly supporting me instead of having advertising on my blog or receive RSS sponsorships from other companies.


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Is Tablet Habit Free?

Tablet Habit is free to sign up until October 19th, 2020. After that there will be a free tier and a paid tier. You can learn more about what each tier has here.

Can I Share Tablet Habit with a Friend?

No, Tablet Habit is intended only for those subscribed to the newsletter, paid or otherwise. If you are found to be sharing the newsletter with someone you are subject to being banned and removed from future Tablet Habit newsletters. Of course, the occasional forward to a friend is absolutely fine.

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