What is Tablet Habit?

Tablet Habit is your bi-weekly newsletter about the iPad, Apple, workflows, how-tos, productivity, and more. It is the best place to learn about how to get the most out of your iPad and other Apple devices, what is happening in the Apple news world, and what you can do today to make your iPhone, iPad, and Mac work with your instead of against you.

What do you get in each issue?

Every issue has 3 things in them guaranteed. There may be times where there are bonus sections in the issues on busy news weeks but no matter what these are the three things every issue of Tablet Habit will have:

Original Essay. Long form original article by me, Jeff Perry. It can vary from columns about the latest news in Apple regarding the iPad and iOS experience, tutorials on apps and shortcuts, and more.

Workflow of the week. A workflow of the week shared. this can consist of a Shortcut, Drafts action, walk through, quick tip, or something similar. Some will be made by me and some will be made by others with credit given.

Weekly Roundup. I will share 3-10 links, videos, podcasts, articles, and more from other creators that I think are the best for iOS and iPadOS users to look into.

How did Tablet Habit come to be?

Tablet Habit started years ago when I wanted a new project but didn't want to make a podcast, which I had made previously. I decided I wanted to write about how I preferred the iPad over a Mac and Tablet Habit was born. I wrote about apps, products, services, Apple news, and more regularly. It became an obsession for me and continued to be for years to come. After a podcast, two different names, a hiatus, and reverting back to the original name of Tablet Habit I decided that the writing I was doing was better suited as a newsletter. After learning about Substack I joined and began writing weekly there.

How do you see this newsletter?

Tablet Habit is a personal newsletter for me, but it is also something I felt was missing in the Apple space. There are several people that write, record, or create videos about the iPad but it can often be lost in the wave of tech YouTube and tech Twitter. Tablet Habit is a place for me to write and share my thoughts on Apple news, workflows, tips, and more. That said, it is also a place for me to share the work others are doing that is either incredibly important or under-served to Apple fans, or both.

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