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Who I am and what to expect starting tomorrow

I know that the first official post isn’t set to go out until tomorrow, but I just wanted to write a quick “Welcome to Tablet Habit” message for you all.

This newsletter is meant to be the quintessential iPad Newsletter. My name is Jeff Perry, I have been writing about the iPad, Apple, and other things revolving that ecosystem for the last several years on my personal blog. I hope to dive deeper into the iPad world with this newsletter as my infinite canvas.

For paid subscribers every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, you will see a new email in your inbox from me all about the iPad. You will see numerous kinds of content in this newsletter. From news/opinion pieces, productivity tips, app and Shortcuts tutorials, product reviews, and future interviews. That being said, it is all going to be stemming from the basis of being an iPad-centered Newsletter. If you are on the free tier, you will get an email every Tuesday as my free posts every week are Tuesdays. I hope that if you do like Tablet Habit you can support this newsletter in the future by subscribing to the paid tier. 

This newsletter is, and will forever will be, completely ad-free and doesn’t have any kind of big-time backers behind it. The only support I get is from subscribers like you. If you can’t afford to go with the paid tier, or don’t want to right now, I totally understand. With that in mind, I promise that just for signing up for the free newsletter the Tuesday posts you get will be genuine articles I write, not summaries or half-assed articles I whip up in a matter of minutes to shell out to the non-paid members. In fact, the email you get as a free subscriber is the same content paid subscribers get every Tuesday. The only difference is free tiers get a button to click to subscribe to a paid tier.

If you do want to support this newsletter outside of money, sharing this with your friends or online community would mean a lot to me. Just hit the button below and you can share it however you like. I am @iamJeffPerry on Twitter if you want to mention me. 

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What the iPad Means to Me

The iPad has been around for over a decade, and as it has been slowly gaining respect as it being a "Mac alternative", but for me I see the iPad not just as an alternative but as a phenomenal choice as a main computer. From students, creators, writers, and beyond the iPad not only has the abilities a Mac has, but it has things that only an iPad can give you in a computer. As someone that has used both a Mac and an iPad as their full-time computer I can tell you first-hand that the iPad isn't an inferior alternative, it is just as powerful, portable, and fast as the Mac for a very large majority of the tasks most people do.

I stopped using my iPad as my main computer due to a new job in late 2019. Since leaving that job, I have moved away from the Mac and back to the iPad. I did this not only because it was the computer I preferred, but it was the one that could handle the things I wanted in a computer. With my recent purchase of the 2020 11" iPad Pro, I sold my old MacBook Pro and am fully using and iPad as my one and only computer now, so I am putting my money where my mouth is for this.

This isn’t going to be me just sharing how awesome the iPad is, because there are things I wish were improved upon for the iPad, and I think Apple deserves some criticism for their decisions on the iPad. This isn’t to say I want to bash the team that is at Apple improving the iPad experience, but I have some qualms and contentions to hold with them. I love the iPad, and I feel that for someone to truly love the tech they use they also need to be critical of it.

I cannot wait to share with you the things I have planned, and I have big plans, but for now let's get into what I have planned for Issue #1 of Tablet Habit. 


Jeff Perry