The Best iPadOS and iOS content out right now

Some the best videos, articles, and podcasts that are covering iPadOS and iOS 14 out now

This issue of Tablet Habit is going to be a little different. Instead of me writing an article I wanted to share with you some iPad-related things that I liked over the last few days. There are some awesome articles, podcasts, videos, etc. out there and from time to time I want to showcase them here on Tablet Habit.

Christopher Lawley - iPadOS 14 Walkthrough

Christopher has been making walkthroughs for iPadOS over the last few years and every year he gets better and better. Even when I think I know everything in the new iPadOS I learn something new in his videos. Christopher told me he managed to record 5 different versions of this before getting the right one, so you know that this isn’t something he threw together in a few hours. This is the work of a craftsman and it shows in the depth he goes with the new features of iPadOS 14. If you haven’t watched this yet add it to your cue and watch is ASAP.

Tim Nahumck - Drafts 22 Review on MacStories

Tim “The Drafts Guy” Nahumck has been writing about Drafts for some time now and he is my go-to person for all the latest in updates and additions to Drafts. Not only is he great at explaining what is in the new version, he also showcases some powerful and useful actions for Drafts constantly.

I am very pleased with the latest in the Drafts app and Tim explains it thoroughly and succinctly on his MacStories review.

Matt Birchler - Best iOS 14 Widgets

This is a 2-for-1 as Matt managed to find even more awesome iOS 14 widgets after making a whole video about them. If you are interested in widgets but not sure where to start these videos will give you some inspiration.

iPad Pros with Jeff Perry

Now that I have shared some things I liked not including myself, here’s some shameless plugging. I was on the podcast iPad Pros with Tim Chaten talking all about iPadOS, iOS 14, Widgets, and more. It was a ton of fun being on the show and I absolutely insist you to go listen to it today. He currently has the podcast available on his Patreon where subscribers can listen to it there right now. It should be on the main feed of the podcast soon, but if you can spare a few bucks Tim’s podcast is worth it! I say that as a paying subscriber to his Patreon myself.

If you have any other things you liked that I may have missed feel free to add it in the comments or tweet me @iamJeffPerry.