Tablet Habit Weekly Roundup 3

Your weekly iPad stories, videos, and more!

Welcome to Issue 3 of the Tablet Habit Weekly Roundup. A lot of the articles and videos here are about the rumored iPad Pros coming out later this month, but I also wanted to share some other interesting videos about the iPad as well. I hope it is a nice balance between news and iPad fun.

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iPad Pro (2021) Needs to be MORE Pro!

Rene Ritchie shares the hardware changes he wants in the next iPad Pro. I personally agree with everything he says here, and he does it in a way one Rene can.


What’s next for the iPad Pro?

Numeric Citizen mentions a post from 9to5Mac comparing the iPad Pro and iPad Air, but he uses this as a means to talk about the iPad Pro. Instead of hardware changes Numeric Citizen talks about iPadOS 15 and how that is where Apple can make the iPad shine.


If You Want A Great iPad, Wait!

Robert from Mac O’Clock shares an article about how those looking to buy and iPad should absolutely wait for the next iteration rumored to come out in March. He also goes into what should come in the next iPads as well.


Linea Sketch Tips & Tricks

Linea has been having iPad artists share tips and tricks on their YouTube channel and it is great for people interested in starting out making art on their iPads or improving their techniques.


Assume every App Store review is a lie

Ed Hardy of Cult of Mac shares a deep dive into the world of fraudulent App reviews.

Stop using the reviews you see in the App Store to help you decide what applications to buy. They’re meaningless because so many of them are fraudulent. And these purchased fake reviews are frequently used to trick people into buying scam applications.

The problem is severe enough that Apple should take reviews completely out of the App Store if it can’t come up with a better solution.

I hadn’t considered this but any iOS developer could probably tell me this has been going on for years. Ed also goes into depth about what we can all do going forward to combat this.


12.9-inch iPad Pro with mini-LED display might launch in late March

Evan Selleck from iDownloadBlog talks about the ongoing rumor that the next iPad Pro lineup is ditching OLED for mini-LED instead. Rene also talks about this in the video I mentioned above, but this article dives more into the hardware and what it means for iPad users.


The iPad YouTuber Collab You've Totally Been Waiting For

Matt Birchler and Christopher Lawley, two of my favorite YouTubers, collaborated to talk about how the M1 Macs compliment their iPads in different ways. It has been absolutely delight to see these two make videos and having them together is just icing on the cake.


New 11-Inch iPad Case Found at Target as Rumors Swirl About Upcoming Refresh

Joe Rossignol from MacRumors reports about an Reddit post sharing new iPad cases from Speck for a “New iPad 11” (2021)” which is all but confirming new iPads are on the way.

What is more interesting is the store the user found this at said it can’t be sold until April 6th, 2021. We may have both confirmation of new iPad Pros and a release date here.


How to STOP iPadOS Battery Drain!

Fernando Silva talks about the best practices to save battery life and how to get the most out of your older iPad. Fernando has some really great videos, and I will most likely be sharing more of his work if he keeps up this wonderful quality.


Quick housekeeping for everyone: Tablet Habit Weekly Roundup has moved from every Thursday to every Friday. I want to bookend the weeks with Tablet Habit for you all, and maybe pepper in more thread conversation like the one about why you subscribed to Tablet Habit. It is a lot of fun to talk to you all and have you talk to others as well, and I hope to ask more questions regarding how you use the iPad going forward.