Tablet Habit Weekly Roundup #2

Welcome to Issue 2 of the Tablet Habit Weekly Roundup. This week we have links covering new rumors, concepts, and app wishlists.

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iPad Pro in 2021 - My Creator Perspective

Canoopsy, a Youtuber I am just finding out about, shared a wonderful video talking about how he uses his iPad Pro for all of his creative endeavors one way or another.

Searching for the perfect iOS Markdown writing tool

Jason Snell at Six Colors explores different Markdown text editors for his iPad and breaks down the features each offer.

Episode 207 – Shortcuts Wish List, 2021 Edition

MacStories Federico Viticci and John Voorhees explore what they hope Shortcuts will bring in 2021.

Overcast Revamps Apple Watch App and Shortcuts Actions

One of my favorite podcast apps, Overcast, has been updated to include richer Shortcut support, revamped Apple Watch app, and more.

iPadOS 15 Concept

Avdan, another YouTube channel I am discovering this week, shared an amazing iPadOS 15 concept video. I don’t think it will include all of these neat features but one can dream, right?

Concept imagines an 'iPad Pro mini' with 8.9-inch display, Face ID, and USB-C - 9to5Mac

Speaking of concepts, this iPad Pro mini looks bananas! I don’t know what I would personally use this iPad for, but it would be a very cool rendition of the iPad mini.

After owning my iPad for just shy of a week, I can’t fathom why there’s no capability to have three “full” screen apps open in multitasking. I decided to create a rough concept of how it could look. PLEASE APPLE!

Reddit user isaroseperth shared a really cool idea for the iPad Pro split screen for 3 apps at once. Instead of 3 columns it has two columns and two apps stacked on each other. I like this a lot more than my rendition.

Five ways the iPad Pro could benefit from an M1-caliber processor

Interesting read by Michael Simon going into detail why an M1 chip in an iPad Pro would improve it greatly.

New Apple Pencil Allegedly Leaks With Glossy Finish and Redesigned Tip

Finally, there may be a new Apple Pencil in the works according to these leaks.

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