Tablet Habit is Dead

Tablet Habit is no more, here's what happens next

After some time off for a physical and mental health break, I have decided to make my sabbatical permanent from Tablet Habit. As of today Tablet Habit will no longer be sending out new emails, posts, or anything of the sort. The posts here will stay available as long as Substack allows it.

As for those who were paying subscribers, I have refunded everyone through Substack’s system and you should be getting money back soon. If that doesn’t happen you can contact them via email at

I could go on an on about why I am no longer writing a newsletter, but it is basically the same reasons I stepped away before back in January. You could read this now and 90% of the same stuff is happening to me again.

This time off has also made me realize that I need to make space in my life to just do nothing. Instead of making a new project part of my identity or turn something I love into a job, I choose to just hang out, play Pokemon, improve my home, and/or watch trash TV. Having that time for nothing has allowed me to actually relax. I thought I was relaxing before, but when I literally have no other obligations on my days off I am able to let the weight glide off my shoulders with ease.

It turns out, not using my weekends and nights to write a newsletter allows me to take the time I need in my life to relax and forget about the world a little, and I like it.

I want to thank everyone who has read Tablet Habit, it means the world to me to see anyone reading my stuff and I greatly appreciate it.

If you want to keep in touch with me you can find me on Twitter and on my personal blog at


Jeff Perry