How I Made Drafts Actions Easier for Me

I have spoken about the app Drafts before, and one pain point I have had with it was organizing my actions. For me, it always felt like what was out of sight was out of mind for me. I would often forget what actions I had in Drafts because they were divided into different groups depending on the type of work I do.

Originally, I thought that I needed to have different groups for different aspects of my life. For instance, I would have a “quick action” group that would have actions line sending texts to people I frequently message, create an email draft with the note I created in Drafts, and other quick things to send out what I just wrote. I would also have a “writing” group. In there I had actions like copy as Rich Text, and Fix Empty Links to help my writing workflows. I had several other groups as well that I found over the years to play around with, but now they have been collecting dust and adding to my digital clutter. On paper this idea of grouping actions seemed to be fine, but in practice I often found myself sticking to just one group of actions regardless of what mode I was in. 

One common thing that people say about Drafts is that it allows you to focus less on where your text is going and instead focus on what you want to write. I totally get that, but for me I have the same issue with my Drafts actions. To fix this problem I decided to create one list of actions and use spacers. 

One thing that helped me make this decision to move all of my actions into one space was mind-mapping everything out. I created a node for each action I wanted to keep in Drafts. From there I originally was going to divide them out into different groups, but after taking stock on the 20 actions I had I decided against that. I don’t need to divide 20 actions into several groups. If I had significantly more actions, I might have considered it. 

Plus, the added benefit of having everything in one group is that I will be constantly reminded of the different things I can do with Drafts. When I was going through all the different actions I had in the numerous groups I found and created over the years I rediscovered so many cool things I can do with Drafts. For instance, I love the action to put in today's date. As someone that has to create notes with today’s date in them for my day job this comes in handy way more than you might think. I honestly had no idea I had this action in Drafts but now that I have everything in one central action hub I do now. 

I may decide later to group out my actions once more, but for now I am happy with the singular action group I have in place. 

What do you do to organize your Drafts actions? Do you group them out or do you just have a singular list like me? Let me know in the comment section below.