Tablet Habit - Coming July 27th

The All Things iPad Newsletter

Tablet Habit is an exclusive newsletter about all things iPad delivered every Tuesday. Paid subscribers will also get an added monthly email, subscriber-only posts, and extra goodies. The first official post will come out July 27th, 2020.

Right now you can get 90 days free on the house for me to prove to you what I have to offer and to decide whether I am worth your hard-earned money. On October 18th, I will turn on paid subscriptions and you will then begin to be charged if you are subscribed.

To sweeten the deal I am also offering a launch special of 40% off forever if you sign up before August 10th, 2020.

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Why subscribe?

Here’s some of the main segments you will see in Tablet Habit:


Reviews covering the latest products and apps for iPads and iPad Pros.


Links and opinion on the latest news for the iPad and iPad related products/services.

Productivity Tips

Drafts Actions, Siri Shortcuts, and other ways to make your iPad work for you and do the things you want it to.


Quick tips and full-fledged step-by-step instructions on how to do the things you need and want to do on your iPad.


Interviews with app developers and others in the iPad space about their workflows, feelings on the iPad, and how they make it work for them.

Stay up-to-date

You won’t have to worry about missing anything. Every new edition of the newsletter goes directly to your inbox.

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Be part of a community of people who share your interests.

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If you have any questions about the newsletter or Apple’s iPads contact me at contact[at]tablethabit[dot]com.

Subscribe today and get 40% off forever. You will not be charged until October 18th!

Get 40% off forever

Tablet Habit will have weekly emails sent to your inbox for free, but for those that pay you will get the following:

Monthly Log

At the end of the month, there will be an extensive monthly log covering the month’s news, products, etc. and share with you how the sausage is made with some behind the scenes stuff. This is a much more relaxed type of email and will definitely be different than the other emails.

Exclusive Monthly Wallpapers

Every month in the monthly log you will get access to 3–5 exclusive wallpapers for you to use for your iPads and iPhones for free.

An Audio Version of some articles

Depending on the length of the email newsletters, you may want to listen to the article over reading it. If you become a paid member you can do just that. You will get an MP3 file for you to listen to or download for your favorite podcast app.

If you know someone that may be interested in this newsletter, feel free to share it with them today.