Blobs Wallpaper

Download the October wallpapers

For this month’s wallpaper, I present you the Blobs series.

I wanted to create something that was akin to the style on BirchTreeMatt Birchler’s blog. I love the style of his site and the added blobs on his site header. It has been an aesthetic that I admire for a while now.

After contacting Matt, I asked if he would be okay if I made my own wallpapers like that. Not only did he give me his blessing, he was kind enough to share with me an SVG he uses for his site’s blobs. I used it as a point of reference as I began figuring out how to make my own.

Thankfully, I know just enough in Affinity Designer to be dangerous. I began making circles and ovals with the ellipse tool. Next I converted them from shapes to curves and began morphing them. From there it was just a matter of moving and resizing them to where I wanted them. The colors I used are a mixture of palettes I created and palettes I got from the fantastic app Pastel. After some trial and error I came up with a handful of wallpapers that I thought I would share with you today.

If you would like to download the wallpapers, you can get the .zip file here. To use them, just open the .zip file in the Files app and save the images in the newly created folder to your Photos. To change you wallpaper it is as simple as going into Settings>Wallpaper. These wallpapers were designed with the iPad in mind, but they can also look fantastic on the iPhone and Mac if you prefer.

If you have color palettes you would like to see made I am happy to make them for you. Just leave a comment or get a hold of me on Twitter @iamJeffPerry.

I would also like to thank Matt once again for the inspiration and support with these. If you aren’t reading his blog BirchTree you are missing out. If you prefer newsletters you can also subscribe to his newsletter Birchbark for free.