A New Era of Home Screen

Some Home Screens I love

If you have been on TikTok or Twitter in the last 2 days I am sure you have seen the new trend of sharing your customized iOS 14 Home Screen. Thanks to the newly added Widgets as well as the ability to change your Shortcut icon to any photo or file, your Home Screen has never been more customizable than it is today.

The app Widgetsmith by David Smith–creator of apps like Watchsmith, CalZones, and Sleep++–has been gaining the most ground in the videos and tweets I have seen. This isn’t just because it is a free app, it is also because David Smith makes wonderful apps and Widgetsmith is no exception. Best part? A large majority of the widgets offered are totally free. The only widgets in this app that require a subscription are those that require servers to run them. Subscriptions will cost either $2/month or $20/year.

I am still working on getting my Home Screen where I want it, but there have been some seriously inspiring ones online. There is no shortage of Home Screens on Twitter and TikTok, so if you start looking for some Home Screens to get your creativity flowing you are sure to find them.

Here are some I found interesting in my short time looking around for ideas.

If you see any Home Screens you like, or have ones you created, feel free to share them in a comment here or send me a link on Twitter @iamJeffPerry.

I hope to show you my Home Screen soon, but after seeing these online I clearly have some work to do.