3 Picture in Picture Quick Tips

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Picture in Picture (PiP) has been on the iPad for some time now–since iOS 9 to be specific–and I think that the refinements over the years have made PiP a staple in using the iPad for both work and play. From flicking the video to the side to tuck it away while you are working to being able to quickly adjust the size, PiP is a great addition to iPad OS.

In this quick little round-up, I wanted to share with you some tips that I love about PiP.

Quickly Adjust the PiP Size

Here’s a quick tip, if you double-tap–or double click–on the PiP video it will adjust to one of 3 sizes.

So instead of having to use your fingers to pinch and zoom on the video to adjust its size, you can do a quick double-tap on the video and it will adjust automatically. As someone that had been using PiP a lot lately watching Twitch streams or YouTube videos while I work, it is a delight to be able to quickly change the size of the video when needed.

I am not sure if this is something new with iPad OS 14 but I will say that it is a testament to the developers at Apple who still really sweat the details. If this isn’t anything new with PiP the discoverability of this feature was poorly managed because I have never seen anything online about it.

Hide your PiP When You Want to

If you use PiP as much as I do you may find yourself in the predicament of needing the full screen available for a brief moment to do your work. Thankfully, you don’t need to close the PiP entirely for this to happen. Instead, just drag or flick your PiP to the edge of your screen and it will hideaway with a small arrow tab showing so that you can pull it out from the side when you want to.

The best part is you can do this while the video is playing and it will continue to play the audio for your listening pleasures if you want. So if you have a YouTube playlist going with music on it or just have a movie on in the background you can let it play and not have to see it.

Use PiP with FaceTime Calls

One thing that I didn’t know about PiP until I was in quarantine was that you can use FaceTime in that mode. You can have your call as a small video on your iPad screen and have the rest of your iPad be available to use without issue. So if you are going over things with a colleague or need to look up something to help a friend out you can do that without losing the call.



So if you have an iPad and you want to watch videos while working on something else give PiP a try. It might be the feature you didn’t know you needed.

Coming to iPhone

Apple announced that with iOS 14 you can use PiP with an iPhone as well. As someone that hasn’t been a big video watcher on my iPhone I can’t testify whether this is a good addition to the iPhone or not. That being said, I love PiP on my iPad and I think if people want that on their phone Apple has had a great 5-6 years with the iPad version to make sure it is polished and refined for the iPhone.

If you are on the beta and have used the PiP mode on iPhone let me know what you think of it!

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