About Tablet Habit

What is Tablet Habit?

Tablet Habit is a newsletter where productivity and creativity collide with Apple products and services. It is created and written by me, Jeff Perry, and comes out every Monday.

What comes in each newsletter?

Tablet Habit has the following things in each issue sent, but can come with more in the event of a special event, project, or other circumstances.

Original Essay

Long form original article by me, Jeff Perry. It can vary from columns about the latest news in Apple regarding the iPad and iOS experience, tutorials on apps and shortcuts, and more.

Workflow of the week

A workflow of the week shared. this can consist of a Shortcut, Drafts action, walkthrough, quick tip, or something similar. Some will be made by me and some will be made by others with credit given.

Weekly Roundup

3-10 links, videos, podcasts, articles, and more from other creators that I think are the best for iOS and iPadOS users to look into.

Other Bonus Content

There will be times where I might have something extra to share with subscribers of Tablet Habit. Those can include the following:

  • Reviews
  • News Stories
  • Productivity Tips
  • Tutorials
  • Interviews

Added Benefits

A Slab of Glass Podcast

Tablet Habit also has a podcast called A Slab of Glass, where I interview people in the Apple space and hear about what they do, how they get it done with the computers they love, and what shortcuts and workflows you can learn from them.


Tablet Habit also has a free Discord you can join today, but paid subscribers get an added badge once you verify you are a paid subscriber.


Feel free to contact me via Twitter DM or email me at jeff@tablethabit.com.