Overcast, the beloved and highly rated podcast listening app has updated to a new version. The app created by Marco Arment has several UI improments and Drag and Drop implemented (so far it is only “basic” but he has promised more Drag and Drop stuff is coming).
The changes may not be noticiable for the average user, but a lot of the demographic using Overcast are those who are tech nerds like me, so the changes will be–and are–noticed.

Overcast 4.0 Update in App Store

One very interesting thing added to this app is the “One-tap play option” which allows users, with a few taps in settings, to just have to tap once on an episode and have it play automatically instead of having to select the episode then press play in the drop-down buttons that show when an episode is selected. Marco said in a tweet that the reason he didn’t make this a default action was because it was “too controversial.”

Finally, the look has been changed to remove the card look that was introduced in Apple Music. Which is a minor change in the UI but iPhone X Users may be happy about this as the notch makes the card view seem nore noticeable and leaves a lot to be desired as far as screen real estate.

So if you haven’t tried this app yet you are missing out. If you are, let us know what you think!

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